Weddings for Dogs!

Do you Rex, take Didums to be your lawful wedded dog partner?

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in the bizarre world of weddings along comes something that knocks your socks off! Right here in the USA, Dog Weddings are becoming fastly popular!

Apparently the dog wedding was a tradition once only undertaken by the upper class and people of celebrity status but now it seems the dog wedding is well within everyone’s reach.

The biggest part of a dog wedding, besides finding suitable dogs to be bridesdogs and groomsdogs, is of course the attire. Dog clothing has come a long way over the years and with the popularity of dog weddings only growing, it’s easy to find cute tuxedos and wedding gowns for your pampered pooches. If you want to get really creative you can even attach a small corsage or bouquet to the brides back.

Most dog weddings take place in a local park where the dogs feel comfortable, it’s also a way you ensure the dogs won’t make a mess of someone’s house or garden area.

Believe it or not, dog weddings must have a cake. Now no one wants to be feeding their dogs expensive sugary wedding cakes that humans have, so they head off to doggie bakeries where, surprisingly, they cater for dog weddings and usually have a wide variety of doggie wedding cakes for you to choose from.

What about the rings I hear you ask? Well, since dogs can’t wear rings on their little paws most people buy matching collars for the bride and groom in place of rings. Some people buy collars and personalise them for their pooches.

Here at we think all dog weddings should be using Wedding Lanterns at their ceremony to symbolise their new lives together as dog and dog.

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