Wedding wish lanterns for a Spooky Day

our pumpkin wedding wish lanterns are very realisticWe’re very open-minded here at wedding wish lanterns HQ, which is just as well, as we hear of so many different themes for a couple’s special day, and the things which make it unique for them. As autumn draws in, and one of the spookiest days of the year gets closer, we’d like to know if anyone out there is planning a Halloween-themed wedding. Perhaps you’ll be having skulls as centrepieces, spiders’ webs hanging from the corners of the marquee, or even have scary rides such as the ghost train, if you’re going all out to entertain your guests. Maybe all this is now sounding like a jolly good idea, and you’ll boycott all previous plans in favour of this special affair. To round off your night, what better way than to involve your friends and family in a release of our pumpkin-design wedding wish lanterns. With their cheery orange colour and cut-out face, these beauties look stunning in the dark, and bring any event to a close with style and panache.
For any more information about our products, or to let us know what you’ll be getting up to on your wedding day, please do get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

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