Wedding Trends For 2011

A Wedding Lantern is something you should include in your 2011 wedding, because it certainly is one of the hottest trends.

We have made a research on what the hottest trends are for this year. Here are some tips. Some of this year most popular wedding themes are “winter wonderland”, “sparkling diamonds”, “garden” and “beach” themes. The newest trend when it comes to the ceremony itself is for the groom and bride to walk on separate isles and meet at the altar in front of their guests. Brides are traditionally escorted by their fathers, but in this case the groom also walks down his isle with his mother. In 2011 weddings are very liberal when it comes to walking down the aisle with your pet. Some couples pass a scroll to their quests and ask them to write something down, so they can read it over and over again through the years. The wedding decorations are as follows: shells, diamond confetti and rose petals are still the most popular confetti.  This year couples set up a candy buffet. This is a decoration by itself, but people can actually go there and have all kinds of different candy and pastries. The wedding photography is also updated – people prefer the pictures to tell the story of their wedding day rather than have just stationery pictures.

Here is where wedding lanterns come in – the original piece of decoration, a chance for the guests to write down their wedding wishes and they make the best wedding pictures!


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