Wedding Reception Ideas

Looking for unique wedding reception ideas to make your reception that extra bit special? There are a number of ideas we’ve come up with, incorporating wedding wish lanterns, to give your big day a unique twist to remember.

Wedding Reception Idea number one:

Have the bride and groom ceremoniously release one wedding lantern at the start or end of your wedding reception to symbolize the joining of two souls into one for eternity.

Wedding Reception Idea number two:

Get your wedding guests involved in by giving them each a wedding wish lantern to launch themselves. Wedding lanterns come with safety instructions and are easy to use – and they will be a great hit with your wedding guests. For a large scale display effect like that pictured, designate a specific time during the reception for guests to light their lanterns. Alternatively, if you are going for a more laid back approach, with sustained effect, it might be an idea to let your guests launch their wedding lanterns throughout the reception, as they choose.

Wedding Reception Idea number three:

Purchase one of wedding wish lantern’s customized wedding lantern packages which come with Wish Pens and Wish Cards. The idea is that you give each of your guests a wish pen, wedding lantern and a wish card at the start of your wedding reception. Then your guest will think of a wish for the bride and groom for their future married life together, and write this wish both on the wedding lantern, which will be sent up to the heavens, and then on the wish card. These cards have a customized header and footer design with the bride and groom’s names on them and look beautiful. Collect all the wish cards at the end of the wedding reception and you can keep them as a memento of your wedding day and all the wishes your loved ones sent you at the start of your marriage!