Wedding Planners: Friend or Foe?

When planning a wedding, there’s  so much to think about, no wonder brides to be are some of the most stressed out humans on the planet! So why not let someone else do all the running around for you and hire a wedding planner?

weddingplannerThere are major pros and cons to doing this. The pros include:

  • No stress for you or your partner
  • A professional can get some great prices for you on things you otherwise would have had to pay full price for
  • An objective view on the event, will stop you choosing pink tule for the bridesmaids
  • They know the best in the business, you can be assured of having the best canapes and service on the day
  • Leaves you with more time to mingle with your guests instead of worrying about the catering team or the amount of alcohol left

There are cons as well to having a wedding planner, these include:

  • The cost is usually pretty pricey
  • Might make the wedding look “generic” instead of personal
  • They may completely take over and you feel as though you haven’t helped at all
  • You may not have the sense of accomplishment after the big day which may lead you to feel upset

Which ever way you choose to go, don’t be pressured into deciding anything. If it feels right go for it, if you have that little feeling in the pit of your stomach that says “don’t do it!” you don’t have to. Are we still talking about the wedding planner here?

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Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton is one of the founders of Wish Lantern

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