Wedding Lanterns Make the Headlines Yet Again

Wedding Lanterns made the headlines again. This time, the story is not about a royal family or some Hollywood star wedding, but just an

Wedding Lanterns Make the Headlines Yet Again

Wedding Lanterns Make the Headlines Yet Again

 ordinary family.

The story is about the Shokney family. Jack Shokney, 73, who is a father of the groom was recently admitted in the John Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center. In fact, that happened just ten days before the wedding of his son. Jack was informed that he has colon cancer and had to go under surgery immediately. His son Anthony, who is a Baltimore firefighter was ready to postpone the wedding. Jack, though, was strongly against that – he did not want to spoil that memorable day for his son. And so, Jack and his wife Marie spend the wedding day in the hospital. But there is a silver lining to all that. The happy parents were able to see the wedding decorations and his son just before he wed. They did that with Skype. When Jack describes what he saw, he never forgets to mention the beautiful lanterns, which were part of the decoration. Jack and Marie weren’t present at the vows exchange, but they certainly enjoyed the beautiful ceremony and all the wonderful decorations of his son’s special day.

Lanterns once again managed to make the wedding day of a loving couple very special, and brought a lot of joy to the groom’s parents even while they were still in the hospital. Wedding Lanterns are the perfect accessory for that long awaited day.


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