Wedding Lanterns in Another Movie

Wedding Lanterns are becoming a tradition in all weddings and you can even see them featured in the movies. We just found out that there are lanterns in an upcoming movie called the “Ceremony”. The stars in the movie are Michael Argarano, Uma Thurman and Reece Thompson and the script is very funny. It is about two friends and a girl. One of the guys is her former boyfriend and when he learns that she is going to marry, he asks his friend to help him crash her wedding. The cast of the movie is very charming, but what will really capture your attention is the wedding decorations. This movie can be an inspiration for anybody, who is planning a wedding. The fashion of the clothes and the outdoor decorations are so inspiring and gorgeous, that you are going to wish you were getting married. Uma Thurman’s hair and makeup are very exquisite as well. The paper lanterns also play a big part in the movie, because they are the main reason for the dreamy atmosphere at the wedding. The movie resembles a Woody Allan’s film and at the same time is a very light and cheerful. If you are ready for some witty conversations and beautiful wedding sights – you should definitely see that movie.

Who knows, the Wedding Lanterns may inspire you for your own wedding. Call us and we will send you beautiful paper lanterns.


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