Wedding Lanterns go Technicolor

lanterns_2___80312Here at the wedding wish lantern offices, we have long stood by the supposition that wedding lanterns should be white. Not only are they and graceful witha swan-like elegance in their white attire, they are also more uniform and- more often than not- blend in well with the ivories of the bridal decor. When customers have requested wedding lanterns for their special days, in most cases they would never even consider having anything other than a beautiful white lantern at their wedding. As of a few weeks ago, that has all changed.

We are now pleased to say that alongside our traditional white lanterns, we offer coloured lanterns to prospective brides and grooms. Though many people might still prefer to stick to the simpler white variety, there is an increasing demand for variety in a wedding lantern, and it is only right that our company should meet this growing need for choice by adding a splash of colour to their product.

Weddings are, after all, a fun occassion, as well as a serious gesture of commitment and devotion to a partner. There are a growing number of couples that like to add a touch of magic to their special day by having a themed wedding- just think of the Jordan and Peter Andre extravaganza a few years back. For this reason, a colourful lantern maybe much more appropriate for the occassion. What ever you decide- coloured or white- you can rest assured that a wedding lantern will inject that touch of magic into your special day.

If you wish to purchase a wedding wish lantern pack or sample wedding lantern, please go to our purchase page.

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton is one of the founders of Wish Lantern

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