Wedding Lanterns for Untying the Knot

We have told you about all of the different ways that Wedding Lanterns are used, and in Japan the use of lanterns is a new way to put an end to a relationship. Weddings are happy days for everyone, however, at times things don’t always work out. People are left seeking closure and comfort, yet cannot find a way to achieve it. Many are even ready to move on and planning a wedding, but feel like they haven’t fully closed the last book. This is a great way to do this, whether the divorce is impending or years have passed. The idea of these divorce ceremonies comes from Hiroki Terai in Japan, and organizes hundreds a year.

Sometimes the divorcees want to share this event with their families and the event is organized so that they can be there, or perhaps a simple event where only the ex-couple attends. Usually, such events are organized on dates that are associated with the death of Buddha, which are actually days that brides avoid planning their wedding day on. The divorce planner interviews the ex-couple beforehand and at the divorce ceremony recites reasons as to why their relationship did not work out. After that, using a big hammer the ex-couple hits their wedding rings.

The closure of this ceremony is the release of lanterns, whether they are floating lanterns which are set to float onto the river bearing the broken rings and personal messages or Wedding Lanterns floating into the sky with wishes for the future.


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