Wedding Lanterns for a Tented Wedding

Wedding lanterns are becoming a very popular part of the lighting package for a wedding in a tent outside. If you ask the opinion of any wedding planner, he is going to tell you that the lighting for a wedding, especially one held in a tent is one of the most important things you have to take care of. Sometimes this is even more important and captures the attention of the guests even more than the wedding cake, for the ambiance at the wedding is what remains in people’s memories. And what is better at creating a beautiful ambiance than appropriate lighting.Wedding Lanterns for a Tented Wedding

When it comes to a wedding in a tent, you can have inside perimeter lights, preferably the traditional clear colour Christmas bulb lights. These will suit better that the twinkle lights and will create the necessary light. They will be especially effective when the dusk falls. Another very popular idea is to put paper or tent lanterns inside the tent, they can be either in each corner, much like street lights, or can be hanged all over the ceiling. If you are going for that idea, it is better if you light them with electricity or LED lights. Buy a few LED lights for each lantern and have a specialist do their hanging.

The idea of using the wedding lanterns will not only give additional lighting in your tent, but will also create a dreamy ambiance that your guests will enjoy and will certainly complement you on. Of course, have a couple on hand that can be released sometime during the reception as well.


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