Wedding Lanterns Causing Confusion

wedding lanterns as UFOsEverybody loves a good conspiracy theory, and the internet is absolutely full of them.  But not many people imagine that by letting off some wedding lanterns during their big day it’s going to become a major news story, with speculation about aliens and UFO’s.  Yet this is precisely what happened to one couple in the UK.

The story was first reported on the BBC website, claiming that a police helicopter had spotted a strange glowing object that was floating through the air, near Cardiff Airport.  It baffled the pilots of the helicopter as they had been given clearance to fly in that area, and had been told there were not any other aircraft flying in the same airspace.  The sighting was reported to the Airport for investigation, although the Ministry of Defence said they had not received any reports to look into.

The BBC website is one of the most visited sites on the internet, with literally millions of hits each week, and this story was on the ‘most read’ section of the website for a few days.  It just goes to show that a UFO story always grabs the publics attention.

However a week or so later a new story was published with an explanation for the sighting.  A newlywed couple had seen reports of the sighting whilst on their honeymoon and they suddenly realised that it was very close to where they had their wedding reception.  They had released a number of wedding lanterns as a finale to their celebrations, and they realised this must surely what the pilots in the helicopter had seen.  It was quite a surprise for the happy couple as the news had even been reported in New York and as far away as India.

Just goes to show that wedding lanterns are certainly the best way if you really want your wedding to make the headlines!

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Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton is one of the founders of Wish Lantern

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