Wedding Lanterns as Favors

Wedding lanterns can be used as favors for the guests at your wedding. This is going to be the most original idea you ever had and your friends will be very happy to take it home.

There is a tradition of giving the quests at your wedding a small favor. Some of the most popular ideas for favors are small mini bottle openers,

Wedding Lanterns as Favors

Wedding Lanterns as Favors

 wedding sparkles, and wedding mints. The purpose of the favor is to give your friends a little memory or a little surprise, but as soon as the wedding is over, the favors are being forgotten too. We have a new and exciting idea that will serve not one, but two purposes. Have you thought of lighting for your wedding? If not – consider using lanterns – they are so exquisite and will create the dreamy and festive ambiance you are looking for. Your guests will find themselves surrounded by these beautiful lights and will congratulate you on the decision to use them as your wedding lights, but imagine their surprise, when upon leaving, you give each of the guests a lantern of their own that instead of for decoration, they can light and release whenever they like. They would have never suspected it, and will actually use them – these lanterns will remind them of you and will be a symbol of the union of your love.

We have very good deals on lanterns packages that you can take advantage of. Be creative – make the wedding lanterns your perfect and unusual wedding favor.


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