Wedding lanterns – an Unexpected Surprise!

If you are going to be a best man or a bridesmaid, you are probably wondering what kind of unforgettable gift to make to the newlyweds and

Wedding Lanterns - an Unexpected Surprise

Wedding Lanterns - an Unexpected Surprise

wedding lanterns just might be it.

These astounding devices are becoming extremely popular. If the wedding couple does not have plans for their celebration that include the lanterns – you can give that precious gift to them. Not only it will be the surprise element in the wedding, but also the atmosphere they will create will be remembered for a lifetime.

It is a custom for the guests to bring presents for the newlywed couple. These present are usually trips or household appliances. Anything that the couple might need in their future life is welcomed. In addition, the bride and groom really appreciate all of those. However, if you decide to surprise them at some point of the party by lighting and flying lanterns – their hearts will melt. If you are the best men or one of the bridesmaids you can order these lanterns and have all the guests know what you are about to do. Let them know when you are planning to release them and get all the guests to help you in doing so. Release the lanterns and wish the new couple good luck one more time.

The bride and groom will be so happy that not only you came to their wedding and brought them gifts, but also you actually found the time to think of a special surprise for them – the wedding lanterns.


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