Wedding Ideas: Special favours

One thing that’s for sure on your special day, apart from you and your spouse being the centre of attention and being spoiled rotten, is that you want to make sure your guests are left with lasting memories of a spectacular event. Of course, many times have we helped the happy couple make their wedding end with a bang (not literally, mind), as our wedding wish lanterns have gone down a storm with a mass release of lanterns, as friends and relatives gather to wish for joy and happiness for the rest of the newlyweds’ lives.
Not wanting the fun to only begin once it gets dark, we’ve got our own suggestions of how you can make an impact at your reception, by paying attention to the little details…such as wedding favours. Traditionally consisting of small bags of sugared almonds, wedding favours are placed at the dining table in front of each guest, as a thank you from the bridal party for attending and helping make the celebration so special. Why not mix it up and try something different, such as personalised rock. There are many confectionary companies all over the country who can masterfully mould the names of the bride and groom into a stick of rock, which can then be dished out to all the guests. Your friends and family will be delighted with the originality, and will certainly take their favours away with happy memories.
If you’ve brought something completely unique to your wedding, let us know about it- we always love to hear your stories and see your photos.


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