Wedding Ideas: Making an Entrance

With the unrivalled success of the last two blogs in our “Unique Wedding Ideas” series, we round of this chapter with ways in which any good celebration should begin: with the hosts, or in this case the bride and groom, making an entrance. We all know that first impressions count for everything, which is why we at Wedding Wish lanterns think that making a grand entrance on your special day is nothing less than essential. We’re thinking horse-drawn carriages, maybe a go-kart, or indeed a soft top car painted in your favourite (even the wedding scheme) colours. If you’re feeling creative- and have some time on your hands in between the rest of the wedding planning- why not get your hands dirty and build your own transport? Maybe you and your fiancé are avid sailors, so how about constructing a huge ship, complete with crow’s nest and sails. It would certainly help save on petrol costs. Or, if you’re the bride, perhaps you’d prefer to roller skate into the church, pulling your bridesmaids along behind you?
Whatever your plans to make your big day extra memorable, don’t let your guests leave without sending good will with wedding wish lanterns. There is nothing quite like rounding off the night by watching the stunning display of a collection of our white, or different coloured lanterns released en masse.


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