Wedding Etiquette

weddings_pageWeddings are very special occasions, remember the bride and groom would have been planning this day for months, maybe even years to ensure it’s all they could have hoped and dreamed for, so please remember your etiquette if you have been fortunate enough to receive an invitation. Here at Wedding Wish Lanterns, we like to think we know a lot about weddings and how people are expected to behave at them as we have attended many to release glorious Wedding Lanterns for the end of the reception.

The definition of etiquette is, ‘a set of rules or customs which control accepted behaviour in particular social groups or social situations‘. It’s extremely important to remember etiquette at any wedding you attend so you help ensure the bride and groom have a memorable special day.

As a guest of a wedding you should always remember to do the following:

Accept (or decline) the invitation and RSVP on time.
Buy a gift from the couples gift list if one exists.
Arrive punctually at the wedding venue.
If applicable ensure children are kept under control.
Do not heckle the speeches at the reception.
Thank the couple and the parents for their kind invitation.

If you follow the simple rules above you can be assured to have a fabulous time and keep everyone at the wedding and yourself quite happy.

Wedding Wish Lanterns have been releasing Wedding Lanterns off at weddings since 2008, they have plenty of experience and knowledge of the wedding industry. If  you would like Wedding Lanterns released at your wedding please contact us on 1800 234 0781 or send us an email on

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton is one of the founders of Wish Lantern

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