Wedding Customs: Turkey

Henna and wedding wish lanterns go together perfectlyFollowing last week’s wedding wish lanterns blog detailing some of the wedding customs that have been, and still are, observed across Britain, we travel towards Eastern Europe/Asia, to a country that lies across two continents, to discover some of their own marriage traditions. Turkey, being a mix of many cultures, has some fascinating ceremonial events, as well as ideas about what happens if one partner should pass away..
- If either the bride or the groom should die, often their place is taken by their sister or brother. In doing this, wealth and property remain the same families, hopefully avoiding future disputes.
- Once a couple are paired up, an engagement ceremony takes place in the bride’s home, where she takes lunch with friends, relatives and neighbours, adorned in her engagement dress.
- Henna plays an important role in the wedding itself, with the bride’s hands and feet being decorated, as well as red henna being used on her head. In some ceremonies, henna is also used on the groom, the painting of which would take place at his own house.
If you’d like to let us know about an exciting wedding you’ve attended, maybe where you experienced a culture different from your own, or would like some information about our wedding wish lanterns, please do get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

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