Wedding Customs: Laos

wedding wish lanterns are perfect for a Lao ceremonyFor our most recent blog series, in which we discover various wedding traditions from around the world, we move now to South East Asia, and the tiny country of Laos- a place of quiet serenity and unspoilt landscapes, to see how couples celebrate their special day:
- The wedding ceremony itself takes place at the bride’s house, before which the groom and his wedding party will march to the residence, to the sound of beating drums and various other traditional Lao instruments.
- Unlike their neighbours in Thailand, Lao people do not traditionally invite Buddhist monks to any wedding, as the event has nothing to with religion. On occasion, the couple and their families will invite monks to a praying ceremony either before or after the main event; the marriage is conducted by an elder of the village rather than a religious figure.
- The intimate marriage ceremony involves only close family, who witness the tying of the bride and groom’s wrists with white string, and presents being passed between family members. It’s after this hour-long session that the rest of the guests join in for further celebrations.
However traditional or unique your wedding is to be, wedding wish lanterns are perfect to round off your special day. For more information, please do get in touch and one of our team will be on hand to help.

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