Wedding Customs: Bolivia

Bolivian weddings are colourful like our wedding wish lanternsWe have sadly come to the end of our little wedding wish lanterns blog series, in which we’ve been discovering all sorts about wedding traditions from around the world. To finish off, we wanted to explore a country in South America, so we travel to Bolivia this week, to see what we can see…
- In Bolivian folklore, December is the luckiest month to get married. Of course, residing in the southern hemisphere, December is the height of summer, and most likely to bring good weather.
- Inside the wedding cake, at the very bottom, a ring tied with a ribbon is placed. It is said that the person who receives the ring will be married, or meet the person that they’ll eventually marry, on that same day.
- Almost the opposite of the traditional British/English wedding, the first dance in Bolivia is usually a waltz, which is then followed by speeches, made by the father of the bride and the groom.
Why not tell us all about an experience you’ve had at a wedding? Or maybe you’re attending one in the near future, and would like to take the gift of wedding wish lanterns to the event. Whatever your query or story, we’d love to hear from you.

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