We Tune in to “Four Weddings”

Here at WWL HQ, there’s nothing we like more than finding out about other people’s weddings, seeing how their big day is panning out, and of course, if we can, help the reception finish with a grand finale of our very own wedding wish lanterns. However, we also don’t mind watching a bit of trashy TV and simply seeing how some weddings might be, well, not to everyone’s taste, as four brides-to-be attend each other’s big days and pass judgement on who is most worthy, based on the quality of her dress, the dinner menu and the ambiance of the reception, to win a luxury honeymoon for herself and her new husband. This completely addictive (possibly for the wrong reasons- you’ll see what we mean when you watch it for yourselves) show is must-see for anyone ever planning to get married, whether in the immediate or distant future. We can guarantee that you’ll be able to see what you would definitely like to have at your big day, and what you might like to avoid, all from the comfort of your own sofa.
Of course, no celebration of love is complete without wedding wish lanterns, so do get in touch and we’ll be able to talk you through the packages which will best for you.


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