Unique Wedding Ideas

Unique wedding ideas are hard to come by, and every bride and groom-to-be is looking for that unique thing that will make their wedding day all the more magical, and will leave their guests remembering their wedding reception for years to come.

We have compiled this list of ideas of how you can use wedding wish lanterns in different ways to create an incredible and unique wedding.

Unique Wedding Idea number one:

Release a beautiful symbol of your love to mark the start of your marriage by lighting a single wedding lantern with your partner during or after the ceremony. Your wedding lantern will float into the sky, a single light symbolizing the joining of your two souls, rising up into the heavens and eternity.

Unique Wedding Idea number two:

Involve the whole of your wedding reception by giving each of your guests a wedding lantern to light themselves. Wedding lanterns come with safety instructions and are simple to launch Рand they will be a sure fire success with your guests. For a mass launch display effect like that pictured, designate a specific time during the wedding for guests to light their lanterns. On the other hand, it can be a nice idea to simply give your guests their lanterns and let them light them  when they want to throughout the wedding.

Unique Wedding Idea number three:

ringsBuy a wedding wish lantern personalized wedding lantern packages which include our signature Wish Pens and Wish Cards. The idea of these is that you hand all of your guests a wedding lantern, wish pen,¬† and wish card at the beginning of the wedding. Each guest is asked to make a wish for the bride and groom, for example, a wish of long lasting happiness into old age or for the marriage to bear beautiful healthy children. The guests will write their wish onto their lanterns, sending them up into the sky for good luck, and then on their wish cards. The cards are printed with customized header and footer inscribed with the bride and groom’s names and can be kept as a memento of your happy day, cherished down the years with your new family!

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Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton is one of the founders of Wish Lantern

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