Unique Wedding Ideas – Other Great Blogs & Gift boxes!

Wedding LanternsWe continue our look at great unique wedding ideas, to really make your wedding stand out, with a few good ideas we’ve come across some other blogs on the web.  This time we’ve come across a blog that mentions an idea that is gaining popularity at quite a lot of weddings.

The web is full of wedding blogs and it can be quite hard to find some that are of really good quality, however we found one in a blog by Zoe Lingard, and it mentions a really cute idea of giving the guests something to take away from the wedding. This was one of those ideas that seemed so simple, but at the same time a really great idea.  It will be quite a surprise for the guests that instead of them giving something to the bride and groom, they are actually getting some nice treats for themselves aswell!

There’s a whole load of possibilities of nice little things you could put in a gift box (not least a wedding lantern or two), check out Zoe Lingards blog for some great ideas ranging from local produce, to a compilation cd, even something to help cure a hangover for the morning after the wedding!

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Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton is one of the founders of Wish Lantern

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  1. Luxury Wedding Venues Luxury Wedding Venues says:

    Zoe Lingard has some great ideas on her wedding blog. Lanterns are such a great way to end your perfect wedding day.

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