Unique honeymoon destinations

Are you looking for a fabulous honeymoon destination that doesn’t involve being crammed on a beach with one hundred other honeymooners? Honeymoons should create the feeling that you and your partner are the only two people on earth, it should be romantic and special so you should aim to find a destination that is also romantic and special. Take along some wedding lanterns to release on the first night of your lifes together. It will add to the magic.

Go for places that are off the beaten track so to speak, it will provide a relaxing and romantic environment for you both to enjoy eachother’s company. Here is a sneak peak of some of the not so well known places to go on your honeymoon:

Located in gorgeous South America, Uruguay is a safe country which is the perfect place for a relaxing honeymoon. The capital of Montevideo is friendly, walkable, and attractive. You can enjoy local wines and delicious meats from the many inexpensive restaurants and vendors in the capital or stay on the Uruguayan Riviera, the coastal region east of Montevideo dotted with resort cities like Punta del Este.

This tourist-friendly Mediterranean country offers a mix of cultural attractions, including the remains of the once-great kingdom of Carthage located just miles north of Tunis. The relatively progressive Muslim nation is also home to some stunning resorts. Picture hot sun, glorious beaches and yummy North African cuisine at coastal resorts.

Honeymooners can wander around old school Hanoi before it becomes overly Westernized, or they can opt for the glitzy city life in Saigon, with hopping nightlife and bustling shopping. Either way, the food is scrumptious and there are history lessons around every corner. It’s easy to spend one day backpacking in rugged conditions and then relax and be pamered at a day spa the next day.

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  1. Parag Parag says:

    Tunisia can be a good choice for honeymoon. Tourist attractions in Tunisia include ruins of Carthage, Sousse Old City, Ribat in Monastir, Yasmine Hammamet resort town, and the island of Djerba.

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