Tips for Carving the Perfect Pumpkin

our pumpkin wedding wish lanterns are very realisticIf you are planning a wedding for Halloween surely you will want to include some of the great details of the season, such as a pumpkin Wedding Lantern or perhaps carving a couple. Weddings are great fun, especially themed weddings. Here are some tips to make the perfect carved pumpkin.

First, choose a pumpkin that is large and doesn’t have any bruises or moldy stem. Also, the lighter in color the pumpkin is, the easier it will be to carve. Cut the top at a 45 degree angle to ensure that you can put it back on top without it falling through. Use a heavy serving spoon to scrape the inside of the pumpkin. Clean as much as you can and try to keep it even.  Its easiest to first cut out a pattern on paper rather than draw the pattern on the pumpkin itself. Then use a marker to mark the parts that will be cut out of the pumpkin. Create an opening at the bottom of the lantern as well to ensure that it can fit over the candle and while the candle is lit keep the lid off. Best bet though is the flameless candle as it is harmless and easy to put in the pumpkin.

Imagine a beautiful Halloween wedding with pumpkins carved out to decorate and a Pumpkin Wedding Lantern released at the end to mark the new beginning.


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