Themed weddings: Medieval bashes

It seems that more often than ever, couples who are planning on getting hitched are doing so with a mind to make their big day as unique as possible, by incorporating a theme into their ceremony and reception, and asking guests to comply with their wishes to do so. This week, we’re exploring the possibility of making your wedding medieval themed, with costumes to boot and a hog roast to feed your guests.
Of course, if you’re going to go with a potentially controversial theme for your wedding, the best thing to do is go all out, and start with the venue. How about an outdoor village location, possibly with some chickens running around, and a nice hay barn for guests to sneak off to if they find themselves getting along particularly well. Asking your friends and family to arrive adorned in traditional clothing can be met with mixed reactions, so maybe ease the shock/horror with gentle encouragement that they won’t be the only one looking a little silly, and that it’ll be a laugh. And that you promise not to put the photos on Facebook.
Of course, whatever theme you decide to embrace, wedding wish lanterns are the only way to round off your day, by giving your loved ones the opportunity to wish you and your spouse well with beautiful light floating into the sky.
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