The Perfect Honeymoon Destination and your Wedding Wish Lanterns

After the Wedding Wish Lanterns have been released and everyone heads home the bride and groom take on the road or in many cases the air, to their special honeymoon destination. Though the honeymoon destinations are all a matter of the new families taste, there are several great destinations which will not only offer a breathtaking experience, but also give them an opportunity to enjoy their time together in a romantic and fun setting. One such destination is St. Lucia, a Caribbean island which offers a beautiful tropical setting with rainforests to trek and beautiful waterfalls and natural pools to cool off at. The evenings can be filled with romantic dinners and quiet alone time with your other half. With thousands of miles of treks to explore you will never bore on this amazing island with the two famous Pitons. Not only do you have the grand rainforest to explore, if you get tired of trekking, you can always lie out on an isolated white sand beach and enjoy the waves lapping at your feet as you take in some sun. There are many hotels which offer every luxury of home and much more. They can help you organize romantic dinners on the beach where you can celebrate your beautiful union every evening by releasing the same wedding wish lanterns from your wedding by tying little notes of wishes for your future together one each one released into the sky. It’s not only a beautiful and romantic honeymoon location, but it will leave you with memories and wishes to make real for a lifetime.


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