Taking Your Vows to New Heights

If you are looking for a crazy and unique way to get married, then look no further than Skydiving Weddings. Skydiving companies around the world are now offering couples the opportunity to get married whilst sky diving!

Skydiving-Wedding-Ceremony-300x240Most skydiving companies will personally tailor your wedding package to suit your needs. You can choose to hold your wedding ceremony on the ground before getting on the plane and after the ceremony the bride and groom can board the plane with their tandem instructors for the big newly-wed jump. After waiving to the bride and groom through take-off, they will escort the wedding party to the dropzone viewing area to witness the dramatic entry into matrimony.Some couples choose to skydive together first and then hold the ceremony at the dropzone, the choice is entirely yours.

For the more adventurous types, some companies have their own “Skydiving Preacher” who can perform the ceremony in the aircraft on the climb to jump altitude. After you’ve said your vows you can then jump out of the plane falling at around 120 MPH as a married man and woman.

You can be sure you will never forget this moment! The skydiving company will usually have flowers on hand for the bride and champagne for your guests. You can encourage your guests to being a wedding lantern along to release once you’ve both landed to represent your new lives together.

If you have any crazy wedding ideas send them in to us, we love hearing about new and unique ways couple tie the knot! You can send your ideas to contact@weddingwishlanterns.com or phone us on 1800 234 0781.

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton is one of the founders of Wish Lantern

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