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our pumpkin wedding wish lanterns are very realistic

Tips for Carving the Perfect Pumpkin

If you are planning a wedding for Halloween surely you will want to include some of the great details of the season, such as a pumpkin Wedding Lantern or perhaps carving a couple. Weddings are great fun, especially themed weddings. Here are some tips to make the perfect carved pumpkin. First, choose a pumpkin that [...]

Fly a Wedding Lantern for the Royal Wedding

The royal wedding of the century is very near and you would have to hurry if you want to release a Wedding Lantern wishing them luck. Prince William and Kate Middleton are about to marry on the 29 April this year. To some people this is a modern day fairy tale, but whatever people may [...]

Making Wishes on Wedding Lanterns

Have you ever lit a wedding lantern and prayed to go vacationing in a place so unique it is not like any other place on Earth? Here are some things to keep in mind if not for your honeymoon, then for your next anniversary! You may turn that into your New Year resolution and visit [...]

The Top Wedding Magazines!

Now that you are engaged, its time to start planning, and if you haven’t considered a wish lantern symbolizing you tying the knot, look into it! It will make your wedding a truly impressive celebration. It’s hard to get overcome by all of the things you have to think about and it’s easy to catch [...]