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The Top Wedding Magazines!

Now that you are engaged, its time to start planning, and if you haven’t considered a wish lantern symbolizing you tying the knot, look into it! It will make your wedding a truly impressive celebration. It’s hard to get overcome by all of the things you have to think about and it’s easy to catch [...]

Taking Advantage of Black Friday

We offer a number of great deals on white and colored Wedding Wish Lanterns, and as weddings can get quite expensive, why not take advantage of Black Friday and get some deals on decorations and so much more. Black Friday applies to pretty much all the stores nationwide, and you can find almost anything at [...]

Choosing the Perfect Fall Dress

Along with the many other necessities like cake, dinner, seating, music, and the perfect wish lantern, you will need to find the ideal fall dress for your special day. There are many things to consider, though in the end it’s all a matter of taste. The colors of fall are ideal for a beautiful dress [...]

The Thanksgiving Wedding

We offer a beautiful red and orange wedding lantern which can be incorporated in an autumn or Thanksgiving wedding. There is no better time to plan a wedding then over Thanksgiving. Family and friends gather and are all in one place ready to celebrate this beautiful holiday. You won’t have to worry about a family [...]

Autumn Wedding Ideas

Wedding wish lanterns are a wonderful way to bring out the colors of your autumn wedding. The season that you choose to have your wedding is very important, especially if you are looking to theme it. There are many great theme ideas for an autumn wedding, the colors bring out many wonderful, creative, and charming [...]

Wedding wish lanterns for a Spooky Day

We’re very open-minded here at wedding wish lanterns HQ, which is just as well, as we hear of so many different themes for a couple’s special day, and the things which make it unique for them. As autumn draws in, and one of the spookiest days of the year gets closer, we’d like to know [...]

Songs for your Wedding Wish Lanterns

On your special day, there’s nothing quite like knowing that as the celebrations draw to a close, a wonderful release of wedding wish lanterns will be on show for everyone to see and marvel at. For an extra special display, some may prefer to have dramatic, or romantic, music playing, to really get everyone in [...]

The Perfect Honeymoon Destination and your Wedding Wish Lanterns

After the Wedding Wish Lanterns have been released and everyone heads home the bride and groom take on the road or in many cases the air, to their special honeymoon destination. Though the honeymoon destinations are all a matter of the new families taste, there are several great destinations which will not only offer a [...]

Commonwealth Games puts Weddings on Hold

This October will be a big time for Delhi, for its residents and officials of the Sports Authority of India, as the capital gears up to host the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Up until this point, it seems that there have been various organisational headaches for everyone, including effects of a city-wide beautification drive, meaning large [...]

Wedding Customs: Bolivia

We have sadly come to the end of our little wedding wish lanterns blog series, in which we’ve been discovering all sorts about wedding traditions from around the world. To finish off, we wanted to explore a country in South America, so we travel to Bolivia this week, to see what we can see… - [...]