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Wedding Lanterns Release Part One

Wedding Lanterns Release | Stunning Images

Our customer service team at Wish Lantern are always happy when we are forwarded photos of a Wedding Lantern Release from their weddings. The shots below are stunning and show perfectly how a wedding lantern display can make for a very special focal part of a wedding. We often take calls from nervous brides/grooms asking [...]

Wedding Lantern Pictures

We have been trying to convince you for a long time that Wedding Lanterns are a must if you want to have something unique at your wedding. This time we have decided that there is something that will convince you more than words can and that’s actual wedding pictures with the lanterns. If you are [...]

Summer Wedding’s Must Haves

We were delighted to find out that wedding lanterns turned out to be a must have item for summer weddings 2011 style. We have asked an expert on the subject to give our readers a few tips when it comes to their summer weddings and here is what he told us. Wedding favors – when [...]

Getting Married on World Environment Day

Some people have chosen the 5th of June as the day of their wedding, and actually consider using Wedding Lanterns as a part of the celebrations.  The 5th of June happens to be World Environment Day and we encourage those of you who have not yet purchased lanterns that it might be a good idea [...]

Beach Weddings back in Fashion

Here at Wedding Wish Lanterns we’ve always got our eyes peeled for the newest wedding crazes but there’s one that keeps on coming back, and that’s the beach wedding. The United States has so many glorious beaches, we’ve had couples set wedding lanterns off all up the Californian coast line, in Malibu and of course [...]