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Wedding lanterns – an Unexpected Surprise!

If you are going to be a best man or a bridesmaid, you are probably wondering what kind of unforgettable gift to make to the newlyweds and wedding lanterns just might be it. These astounding devices are becoming extremely popular. If the wedding couple does not have plans for their celebration that include the lanterns [...]

Wedding Lanterns as Favors

Wedding lanterns can be used as favors for the guests at your wedding. This is going to be the most original idea you ever had and your friends will be very happy to take it home. There is a tradition of giving the quests at your wedding a small favor. Some of the most popular [...]

Having trouble picking out a wedding gift?

Everyone knows the feeling, you’ve been strolling through what seems to be every store in town and you still can’t find anything to buy for the bride and groom of the wedding you’re attending next month. You start to panic so you buy a vase impulsively then regret your choice as soon as they’ve wrapped [...]