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Themed weddings: Sports days

It’s not very often we imagine going to the wedding of a close friend or relative and running around in a game of baseball, or wearing rugby or football strips as part of the dress code. If, however, you’re planning your special day and want to make an impact, why not choose something wacky and [...]

Themed weddings: Medieval bashes

It seems that more often than ever, couples who are planning on getting hitched are doing so with a mind to make their big day as unique as possible, by incorporating a theme into their ceremony and reception, and asking guests to comply with their wishes to do so. This week, we’re exploring the possibility [...]

Themed weddings: At the beach

Picture this: white sand that seems to stretch into infinity, beautiful blue, calm sea that gently laps on the shore as you stand, in front of friends and family, and declare your commitment for the person you love. Beach themed weddings are becoming more and more appealing to many couples, who want to escape the [...]