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The Thanksgiving Wedding

We offer a beautiful red and orange wedding lantern which can be incorporated in an autumn or Thanksgiving wedding. There is no better time to plan a wedding then over Thanksgiving. Family and friends gather and are all in one place ready to celebrate this beautiful holiday. You won’t have to worry about a family [...]

Autumn Wedding Ideas

Wedding wish lanterns are a wonderful way to bring out the colors of your autumn wedding. The season that you choose to have your wedding is very important, especially if you are looking to theme it. There are many great theme ideas for an autumn wedding, the colors bring out many wonderful, creative, and charming [...]

Make your autumn wedding extra special

At this time of year as summer is fading out, trees are shedding their leaves which cover the ground in beautiful fiery blankets of orange, yellow and red. Autumn has arrived, and it can be one of the most special and unique times to get married- with the stunning colours and many of the autumnal [...]