Summer Wedding’s Must Haves

We were delighted to find out that wedding lanterns turned out to be a must have item for summer weddings 2011 style. We have asked an expert on the subject to give our readers a few tips when it comes to their summer weddings and here is what he told us.

Wedding favors – when it comes to the favors the new couple has endless possibilities. Nowadays you can order almost anything you can imagine and have it delivered at your door just in matter of days – beautiful favor boxes filled with delicious candy is always greatly appreciated. You can customize the box by wrapping it with a lush ribbon.

Keeping the guests entertained – sometimes it just so happens that you put people that do not really know each other at one table. Just to be on the safe side, put some trivia games on the table – this can break the ice and newly formed friendships will occur. You can decorate the trivia boxes in satin in the color you chose your wedding theme to be.

Sparkles – this season the sparkling gems are used as table decorations. A little sparkle at a wedding is always a good thing. Whether out in the open or indoors the sparkling gems will add more light to the table.

Wedding Lanterns – this is the absolute hit this summer. Light up a few of those as the night falls and create a little extra magic to this wonderful day!


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