Spring Equinox Wedding with Wedding Lanterns

Get wedding lanterns cheap from our site and decorate your spring equinox wedding. This week on the 20th March the world celebrates the

Spring Equinox Wedding with Wedding Lanterns

Spring Equinox Wedding with Wedding Lanterns

 vernal equinox. This means that the day and night are equally long and this marks the beginning of the spring.

People have celebrated that event from the beginning of times and initially they threw celebrations because the equinox marked the beginning of the increasing of their food supplies. The Egyptian Sphinx was also designed so its shadow will point exactly at the rising sun on that memorable morning.

The spring equinox has a symbolic meaning – the beginning of new things in life, the rebirth. Many people choose to get married on this day, because of its symbolism. The equality of the day and night also meaning the equality of the spouses and their equal significance in the relationship also makes many people choose this date, hoping that their marriage will go under the wonderful spell of the equinox. This year at exactly 7.21p.m. The Sun will cross the Equator. A lot of wedding couple share their vows exactly at that moment. If you are planning such a wedding, you can always get some lanterns. Make this special occasion even dreamier by releasing your vows, written on the lanterns. Get some wedding lanterns cheap from our web site and you can have your guests release their wishes in the sky too. Fly a lantern on the day of the spring equinox and feel the balance of nature within you.


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