Say ‘I Do’ on the Slopes

Even though summer is in full swing, and we’re lapping up the sunshine and the warm weather weddings that have been going on over the last few months, some of us are thinking ahead to colder climes, and to the ski slopes of resorts all over the world. This is a key time to get booking a ski holiday, particularly if you’re thinking of tying the knot in the snow. These days, more and more couples are picking exotic and exciting locations for their big day, so this year why not join them, wrap up in your salopettes and ear muffs, fit your best man and brides maids with ski boots, and hit the mountain with your wedding party gracefully trailing behind you. Whatever the location, wedding wish lanterns look stunning; in this case, the lights over dusk in the mountains is incomparable, whether you choose the white lanterns or the variety of coloured ones instead. Furthermore, you’ll give everyone in the resort in a reason to celebrate, with a night-time display of colour and light, increasing your wedding party to include your fellow holiday makers! So if you have any stories or photos from your own piste wedding, please do let us know, and you could become the envy of all our blog readers.


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