Save Money with Wedding Wish Lanterns

When planning your wedding, it’s easy for costs to add up very quickly and tensions to be mounting with them. If you’re looking for ways to save money before your big day, then look no further than here, the wedding wish lanterns blog, and the only place to find out really nifty ways to save some pennies as you plan for a wonderful and spectacular celebration:
Make your wedding favours: There are tonnes of ways in which to make really special gifts for your guests to take home with them, all at minimal cost. How about dunking some strawberries in chocolate, and popping one or two in mini paper bags? A small but really tasty treat!
Have a buffet dinner: Eating at a buffet, particularly if your wedding is in the summer at a venue with an outside area, can be delightful, as guests can enjoy the fresh air while they eat. You’ll save on numbers of waiting staff, and you can choose a large variety of dishes to enjoy.
Use wedding wish lanterns instead of fireworks: A personalised display can cost thousands, so why not invest in wedding wish lanterns, and involve your guests personally in the finale of your big day? Everyone will love setting wishes free for your and your new spouse!
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