Royal Wedding Lanterns

Just a few days ago, the whole world experienced the craze around the royal wedding and many of you have probably lit your own wedding lantern for the newlyweds. The faces of Prince William and now the duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton were seen on every channel all around the world. In just a few days people learned about their story and their romance. Even people who had no idea that a royal wedding was in order – are now aware of it. William and Kate’ story is probably an inspiration for many people and it is truly a modern day fairy tale come true. The whole world was acquainted with Kate and was really enchanted by her, because this is a young woman who is not form a royal family, but who behaves in such a sophisticated way, well spoken, calm and beautiful. England and the rest of the world felt that prince William has made the right chose by marrying her, because the two of them have a nice chemistry and Kate is obviously someone who is ready to support her husband and the future king of England in every possible way she can. There are people around the world who are fascinated by the royal family, but on this day, not only them but many more felt the magic of this wedding and celebrated along with the royalties. In addition, the fact that they were not actually present at the wedding did not stop them for releasing their own wedding lantern.


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