Paper Lanterns for Weddings can be a wonderful, unique alternative to the traditional, and often more expensive, decorations for your special day.

Paper Lanterns Not only do they have elegant and effective designs, but they come in a variety of shapes and colors. A great thing about these types of lanterns is that they’re affordable, warm and friendly. They give a romantic atmosphere for the newlyweds. In choosing the right paper lanterns, you need to plan how you will set them out. For instances, you hang them on trees or bushes, or elsewhere around your house or reception area.

They can even be on the ground, or inside a marquee. For outdoor weddings in the summer, orange and fuchsia colors are an excellent choice, although the couple might have a particular color theme in mind for the event so the lanterns should be in keeping with that.

The couple can also put their own images on lanterns, or quotes and motivational words, as the people of China themselves do for special celebrations. If you are especially energy conscious, too, remember that lighting is not needed lanterns in daytime – their colors and patterns alone will be enough to create a very special atmosphere.

Paper Lanterns for Weddings will set your day apart, and your guests will remember the event for a long time to come.


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