Paper lanterns for weddingsPaper Lanterns for weddings are perfect for symbolizing a couple’s love for one another, bringing light and even more joy to the special day. But they can also express a more universal love, for nature and the environment.

Which is why our white eco lanterns are a perfect choice for the celebrations. Our new eco lanterns are made from paper, bamboo and flameproof fuel cells. And, once they come down, in time they are absorbed into the ground, since they are completely biodegradable. Many products on the market today may be described as environmentally friendly, but that’s not the same as being completely biodegradable, like our lanterns.

So, what exactly does biodegradable mean? Generally speaking, it means any material that can be broken down by biological means, such as bacterial action. In addition, the breaking down must be safe and cause no harm to the environment. It is similar in some ways to making a compost heap for your garden.

Leaves, wood pulp, plant matter, newspapers, all of these are break down in, and have a positive impact on, the earth. For material to be defined as truly biodegradable, half of it must break down within 180 days.

Good news for eco lanterns for your wedding, since paper breaks down in two months or a little over that. Quite unlike plastic bags for example, which can take – wait for it – 500 years to biodegrade!


So, why not express your love in every way, both for the individual and the world, by taking the eco option for your Paper Lanterns for weddings?


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