Even if you don’t have the budget for a Hollywood style event, our stylish, colorful, and eco-friendly Paper Lanterns for Weddings are bound to create an impact and keep the day in everyone’s minds for years to come.

paper lanterns for weddingsImagine the finale to the big day, when the happy couple, and all their guests, release dozens of lanterns, bearing messages of love and luck, into the sky.

Using lanterns in this way is very much in the tradition of Northern Thailand, for example. Lanterns are known in Thailand as “Khoom Loy”. They are used all year round, for spiritual celebrations and special occasions such as weddings. In one particular festival, the Loi Kratong Festival or Yipeng Lantern Festival has couples and loved ones gathering on the riverbanks to float handmade flower arrangements (Kratong), and release ‘Khom Loy’ together. It is considered good luck to release a ”Khom Loy’, as they represent problems and worries floating away. As a symbol of love and a bright future, the lantern is a perfect component of one of the most important days in our lives.

On a purely decorative level, too, our lanterns are an incredibly economical way to bring color, drama and romance to the celebrations. You may wish to use the Paper Lanterns for Weddings on their own, as they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, or think about a complete package which could include floating candles, candle bags and confetti cannons.


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