Paper Lanterns for Wedding for a Vintage Wedding

The Paper Lanterns for Wedding are an item that can contribute to the vintage style of your wedding if you are planning on having this kind of décor.

If you love the vintage style, you have to plan your wedding thinking “vintage look”. You do not have to spend a lot of money to do that. If you have shopped in an Anthropology store, you know what we are talking about. All of the décor in the store is made of recycled material or simple knits. All that you can do by yourself. You can have a truly unique wedding. All you need is your imagination and some time. You can go through all your boxes of buttons you do not use and make necklaces for your bridesmaids for example. Just substitute beads with buttons! There are several tutorials on websites about craft making. Not only will these jewels look vintage, but they will remain a great memory for the bridesmaids from you. You can go through your stacks of old magazines and newspapers and make paper flowers as decorations for each table. You can even use old coffee cans, glue different color paper over them and make peephole lanterns. All of that can virtually be done without you spending any money. And if you want to really amaze your wedding guests, get some of our lanterns. Releasing our astonishing Paper Lanterns for Wedding and letting all your guests participate, that will be the perfect ending to your vintage style wedding!


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