Our Rob and Helen tie the Knot

It’s a special time at Wedding Wish lanterns HQ; we’re planning gifts, anticipating dresses, flowers and colour schemes, and, of course, looking forward to seeing two families come together. Yes, that’s right beloved blog readers- our Rob is getting hitched.
Rob met Helen whilst studying at University, and after a period of chasing her around and trying to persuade her to go out with him, she decided she’d give him a go. Five years later, here they are, counting down to the big day. Having got engaged whilst on holiday in Vietnam over a year ago, it seems the date has really crept up, and time has flown as both Rob and Helen have been making preparations.
Rob said, “It’s two weeks, six days, and about an hour and a half until we’re married…I cant believe it. It feels like only yesterday that we’d just got together, and here we are behaving like real grown-ups! I can’t wait for Helen to be my wife”.
Naturally, their big day will be rounded off with guests being presented with wedding wish lanterns to release, with pens to write their own personal message for the bride and groom. From everyone here, we wish you, Rob and Helen, every happiness for the future!


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