Making Wishes on Wedding Lanterns

Making Wishes on Wedding Lanterns

Have you ever lit a wedding lantern and prayed to go vacationing in a place so unique it is not like any other place on Earth? Here are some things to keep in mind if not for your honeymoon, then for your next anniversary!

You may turn that into your New Year resolution and visit that incredible location that offers an exceptional experience. Some of those places are man-made wonders like museums underwater, hotels created of shaved ice, entire islands made of sand. Others have unique flora and fauna, extraordinary formations, beautiful mountains, waterfalls.

Visiting such a place is one of the things everyone should do in a lifetime. It might be Madagascar, situated in the Indian Ocean, and enjoy its unique animals or plant life, ninety percent of which you cannot find anywhere else in the world, or it might be Iceland. There is a good reason it is called “The land of Ice and Fire”. You can swim and enjoy the healing power of the silica mud waters, while it is snowing outside. Imagine a lit wedding lantern floating around while you are soaking in the hot water, or taking a steam bath in the geothermal water, perhaps savouring a drink amidst the fog created by the steam.

Even if not able to plan a trip like this so fast, we can always create that vision of elegance and the relaxing mood with a wedding lantern lit on our porch or terrace and start daydreaming of the foreign places, the wonders of nature and the capability of man.


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