How to Propose: part 2

Following the huge increase of proposal rates since last week’s blog was published (N.B. We have no evidence to support this statement, we are simply assuming…), we thought we’d continue to offer our words of wisdom to you, beloved blog reader, and share some more proposal ideas. This time round, we talk you through keeping the event a surprise from your spouse-to-be:
If you’re planning on getting a ring, recruit housemates/best friends, or indeed some sneaky work of your own, to steal an existing piece of jewellery; having the ring fit perfectly will make the whole event that much more magical. To help reduce ‘suspicion’, keep all arrangement-organising away from the space the two of you might share- if they catch on, the surprise won’t be nearly as great!
Of course, following this advice is (almost) guaranteed to produce a success, and thus you’ll have a wedding to prepare for. What better way to make the day really special than with wedding wish lanterns, which look stunning when released at the end of any celebration day. If you’d like any more information, please get in touch and one of our team will be on hand to help with any questions you may have.

2 Responses to How to Propose: part 2

  1. ydaniel ydaniel says:

    Do you know if using the sky lanterns is legal in California near a beach area? It’s not close to an airport

  2. admin admin says:

    Hi Daniel,

    It is ok to release the lanterns near a beach but we would ask you to quickly inform the local cost guard as sometimes the lanterns can be mistaken for distress flares. Other than that it should be fine and we hope you have a fun evening with the lanterns.

    Kind Reagrds
    Wish Lantern Team

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