How to Incorporate Lanterns into Your Wedding

We sell wedding lanterns cheap and you can easily make the lanterns an accent at your wedding for little to no cost. You can use lanterns as a centerpiece at the table. And the best part is that you can do those lanterns yourself. Just find some thick cardboard and manufacture a rectangular shaped lantern. This is easy and you will not even need special instructions to make them. Since you will not need to light those, you won’t need bamboo or lighting fuses. Just some paper and glue. After you put them up, find some red colored thin paper (or paper with the color of your wedding) and put it around the cardboard lantern. Then cut additional rectangular shapes of paper and glue them on each side of the lantern. There you can write anything you want. Like the wedding menu or perhaps information on where to download the pictures from the wedding after the party. You may put a picture of the bride and the groom, or a nice, love poem. You can do all that by yourself and not spend so much money on expensive centerpieces. Later on you can gather your guests and light wedding lanterns, sending wishes to the sky and express your gratitude to all your guests. You will have a nice accent for your wedding, the lanterns and you will not spend a fortune. Weddings do not have to drain your life savings.

Take advantage of our wedding lanterns cheap and have fun on your wedding day!


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