How to call off your wedding with dignity

Calling off a wedding is probably going to be one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do in your entire lifetime. It can cause hurt and pain to your partner and both families and even leave you with mountains of debt if you cancel the wedding on the day.

So there’s no doubt you want to be absolutely certain you can’t go through with it before cancelling. If you are thinking of calling your wedding off, you need to think long and hard about it, ask yourself if it’s just cold feet or a genuine feeling of fear. If you are thinking about jumping ship and the thought of cancelling your wedding consumes your everyday thoughts, you probably shouldn’t go through it. It is far better to get out of the relationship before you have too much invested in it such as a house and children. You don’t want to be unhappy for the rest of your life.

So if you’ve made the choice to call it off, the very first person you need to tell is your partner and if you can help it, it’s best to have this decision made before the wedding day to avoid intense scrutiny and embarrassment on the day. You do not want to leave your partner at the alter with everyone hating you for being so heartless. The longer lead time you have the less painful it will be.  

Once you’ve told your partner you need to inform your family and of course the guests. Then the suppliers and vendors will need to be told, you will probably loose all of your deposits though. Some people still go through with their reception but call it a ‘Thank god I’m not getting married’ party. Harsh but true. Don’t worry about what you’ll do with the 150 wedding lanterns you ordered, you can also use them at a later stage, perhaps at a friend’s birthday party or someone else’s wedding. Wedding Lanterns keep ofr a very long time as long as they are not exposed to moisture.

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One Response to How to call off your wedding with dignity

  1. Grammi D Grammi D says:

    This article is so helpful and tackles a subject most brides-to-be would find helpful. Isn’t this why the divorce rate is so high?
    I think if done tactfully, all your relationships (including fiance) would remain intact. Best not to burn your bridges.
    Thanks for the great article.

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