Hot Air Balloons and Beautiful Paper Lanterns for Weddings

Certainly planning a wedding is a hard task, and having Paper Lanterns for Weddings will certainly help you almost effortlessly create a truly spectacular effect. With this in mind, we have decided to bring to you some historical facts, and perhaps yet another fun idea for your wedding. There are great ways that you can decorate or even theme your wedding around hot air balloons, their colors, and overall “uplifting” atmosphere. With the first manned hot air balloon flight taking place in the 21st of November we’ve decided to bring you a couple of fun facts about these amazing contraptions.

After this initial flight by the two brothers Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier that floated for 20 minutes from the center of Paris hot air ballooning was born. A huge benchmark in hot air ballooning was made just two years later when Jean Pierre Blanchard flew across the English Channel which was then considered a major step into long distance ballooning. Since then balloonists have crossed both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and have made numerous altitude records.

Balloons are a key point in all wedding planning, but have you considered going a bit more retro and having a hot air ballooned design that will uplift your guests. Finish off the night with beautiful Paper Lanterns for Weddings.


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