Honeymoon planning 101

Don’t fall into the trap of spending all your time (and money) on planning for your wedding. It’s a common mistake that many couples make year after year, but you don’t have to be one of them. Your honeymoon is just as important as your wedding, so dedicate an ample amount of time to planning it well so you and your partner have the best possible holiday together.

Your honeymoon is a vital part of newlywed-dom, as no other journey will hold the same significance as this holiday, your first trip as husband and wife. You should start by sitting down with your partner and discussing options from the get go. Rather than trying to decide on a destination straight off the bat, sit down and talk about what you would like to be able to do on your honeymoon, what’s important to you both?

Would you like to be near a beach, near the snow, in a party atmosphere or a romantic one? Maybe you’d like a combination? And what sort of things would you like to be doing on your trip away? Do you want to be doing tours, walking, cycling etc or would you prefer to be pampered all day and relax with drinks and dinner? There are so many options for a modern honeymoon, the world really is your oyster. Be sure to take any left over wedding lanterns with you to release on your first holiday together as a married couple.

Then there’s the question of high season or low season, if you would prefer privacy than low season could be the better option, however if you are looking to go to a tropical climate you should understand the weather may not be ideal.

So many things to think about, but the first step to planning your honeymoon is talking it over with your partner. Start small, then as the weeks progress you can start making decisions and start booking your holiday!

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