Having a wedding over New Year?

Have you decided to ditch the spring wedding and go for a more unique time of year such as winter to get married? You aren’t the only one! Thousands of brides to be have seen the light and are now turning to the beauty of winter season to provide them with a gorgeous setting for their wedding. But are you brave enough to have your wedding on New Year’s Eve?

Having your wedding on New Year’s Eve has it’s advantages and it’s disadvantages. The advantages are that it’s a holiday so you can expect more people will be able to attend. It’s also a festive evening to begin with so all your guests will be in the party mode so you can sure the reception will be hopping and everyone will be having a great time.

It’s also a great way to get fireworks without having to pay for them! You could release your wedding lanterns¬†off at the same time as the fireworks for a dramatic effect that’s sure to create a long lasting impression for years to come.

The downside is that people may already have a New Year’s Party they’ve committed to, so they may not be able attend your wedding. Also, it may hike the cost of your wedding up seeing as it’s a holiday, the bar staff, catering staff and the band will expect to be paid well as they’ll be giving up their evening to service you so you’ll have to make it worth their while.

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